June 11, 2009

LiceMD®: A pesticide-free lice treatment!

Mommy Perks is pleased to post the following information on behalf of LiceMD®, introducing parents to a pesticide-free breakthrough treatment that will help take control of lice outbreaks while restoring some peace of mind!

We moms are always concerned about safety and the protection of our children. I, personally, appreciate that LiceMD® offers a product lacking in harsh chemicals and pesticides. I am sure that our Mommy Perks readers will appreciate this also.

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More information regarding the LiceMD® product:

Why will parents have peace of mind?

LiceMD’s primary ingredient is dimethicone, a safe and effective synthetic lubricant that is odorless, non-irritating to the scalp and hypoallergenic. With the introduction of LiceMD®, parents can say good-bye to head lice and bid farewell to pesticides.

Did you know that head lice is one of the most contagious conditions among children, only second to the common cold? As the weather gets warmer and schools close for the summer, kids venture off to camp and are once again faced with the risk of catching head lice. Head lice can be spread whenever there is direct contact with  the head or hair of  an infested individual, as well as by sharing personal articles like hats, towels, brushes, helmets and hair ties; which are all part of a camper’s daily life!

In order to educate parents about treating head lice and preventing future outbreaks, Combe Inc., the makers of LiceMD, has recently launched an educational Web site, www.LiceMD.com. The Web site includes the latest research, frequently asked questions, an “Instructional” video and much more.

LiceMD® can be purchased at the following locations:

Duane Reade
HE Butt
Stater Brothers
Giant Eagle
Giant Food
Spartan Stores


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