June 16, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Twitter Party : Welcome note

Welcome to the party!

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Anne of Green Gables twitter party. Thanks for coming! I’m sure our group is smaller this time around – the theme is more niche than others. I like it that way, to be honest. I love small groups because that gives us a better chance to get to know one another.

Make sure you sign in here, letting us know you are in attendance.

I will ask the questions and you will direct the answers to Abbey: @LivingMyMoment – Abbey will keep track of the winners for me.

All winners are being chosen by random number. For instance, answer #5 might win or answer #15, etc.

I don’t allow whining at my parties. Sorry 🙂 If you win, fabulous!! If not, you can still enjoy your time, get to know others, network, make friends, meet new followers, learn something new – it’s all good.

I have to tell you – hosting this party is SUPER COOL for me. I’ve been an Anne groupie since the age of 13. I own the original series on VHS and have watched it um-pteen times. I once had an Anne sleep-0ver party for my birthday.

I’ve written one book (not yet published) and Anne is quoted in my book more than once. I have a photo of my wedding dress with the “puffiest sleeves ever”!

That said, let’s celebrate Anne, strong women who love their families and young girls who need to feel accepted, loved and valued. Let’s honor Anne by treating our own children with the love they deserve – seeing their gifts and talents…even when others do not.

On with the show!


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