October 2, 2009

Twitter Tips: Favorite Resource Sites (20 of them)

Favorite Resource Sites

(This list was tweeted by Shara Lawrence-Weiss on Friday, October 2nd, 2009)

*Please note: these are just 20 of my favorite resources…more will come!! 🙂

Tip #1: www.greatschools.org : FREE info and comparisons of schools, tests and more. Parents can comment, rate and share info.

Tip #2: www.education.com : Articles, helpful tips, JustAsk Expert (@justaskedu) forum and more. G8 site!!

Tip #3: www.enchantedlearning.com : Printables, crafts, ideas, charts and more. Some free…some paid.

Tip #4: www.abcteach.com : 35,000+ printables (Customizable area, too!), many FREE printables, also. Helpful blog for teachers/home schoolers.

Tip #5: www.bingnote.com : self esteem coloring sheets, blog for parents/teachers w/helpful info, ideas, concepts, etc, related to self esteem in kids.

Tip #6: www.suescheff.com : TONS of blog entries and articles related to teens, sexting, cyberbulling and more.

Tip #7: www.micheleborba.com : G8 articles related to early childhood, raising kids, building self esteem and kids who are not “entitled.”

Tip #8: www.kidshealth.org : From early childhood to teens…this site offers articles, updates, helpful info 4 how to chat with your kids and more.

Tip #9: Have to include MP, of course! Articles here on varies topics from special needs to parenting:

Tip #10: www.parenting.com : Articles, forums, craft ideas and more.

Tip #11: www.parents.com : Articles, mom chats, activities and more.

Tip #12: www.babycenter.com : All things pregnancy & baby (they quoted me in an article once & brought me TONS of book business, too; so kind 🙂 )

Tip #13: www.pbs.org/teachers : Need I say more? 🙂

Tip #14: www.signingfamilies.com : Signing info for #asl and anyone wanting to learn. FREE images on the site to demo some signs!

Tip #15: www.scholastic.com : My favorite magazine (Instructor) even though they haven’t featured my book biz yet 🙁  I still love them!

Tip #16: www.kidlutions.blogspot.com : Offering info related 2 kids, poverty, keeping us aware of what we need 2 do for our kids/students.

Tip #17: www.mail4kids.ca : Collector mail cards 4 kids. Teaching literacy/thematic units. Once a member, you get access to more resources.

Tip #18: www.thegreenpathcompany.com : Some Green ideas and concepts to use with your kids or students.

Tip #19: www.treasures4teachers.org : WAY cool concepts here and she is building an online store right now. FINALLY!!!

Tip #20: Last but not least, a list of ideas for keeping kid’s boredom blues away 🙂


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