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Fun travel ideas!

Not long ago my mother asked if I’d like to come visit the rest of my family – out of state. I replied, “Um. I love you mom but the thought of driving across the state with four kids sounds a little less fun than the idea of poking my eyeballs out.”

I can assure you, however, that if I do get up the nerve to travel with my kiddos I’ll be popping over to the Wikki Stix website. Their site is full of fun products, neat kits and travel games / toys.

Here are two of their travel options:

  1. Travel Fun Kit
  2. Tons of Fun (a Mom’s Best award winner)

My eldest son (now 13) was born with medical complications and we had to fly out of state numerous times (for doctor visits). Each time we traveled I put together a bag full of keep-busy-items. The passengers would say, “Oh, thank you! Thank you for keeping your kiddo entertained and busy on our flight! We sure do appreciate that.” I would pack up play-doh, coloring books, crayons, puzzles, small games, pick-up-sticks, silly putty, snacks and more.

Had I known about Wikki Stix back then they would have been on my MUST HAVE list for the travel bag.

Stop by and pick up a few kits today. If you plan to fly, I bet the passengers will thank you! If you drive, the kids will thank you. Either way it’s a win-win.

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