11 Tips for getting content on your blog…when you don’t like to write

Mommy Perks logoIt’s not easy for me to empathize with this dilemma because I love to write! I’ve been told many times, however, “I don’t like to write. I’m not good at it and I find it boring. But I know I need content on my site/blog!”

Search engines love new, fresh and relevant content, tis true. Here are a few tips to consider for getting content on your blog.


Many readers enjoy lists: “Ten ways to have fun outside” or “Five useful apps for business owners.” You don’t need to write in-depth articles for these posts. Simply jot down a few thoughts and if needed, have a friend or family member edit your text before publishing.


You may not like to write but perhaps you can create videos in no time? Write a short intro to your video, letting readers know what you’ll be chatting about. They can then watch you talk rather than read your thoughts.

Spin-off posts

Did you read something funny or helpful and educational? Consider writing a spin-off post with your own thoughts on the subject. Allow other articles and posts to start your creative juices flowing.

Guest authors

I often invite others to write for this blog. I choose people I know and trust or people who write in a niche similar to mine. I reserve the right to edit the material if needed but generally speaking, it hasn’t been needed yet.

Share blogging duties

Many blogs are co-run by two people or group-run by multiple people who share access to the back panel. They take turns writing and adding content.

Buy content

I have never done this before but I know there are sites online that sell articles. I would suggest asking around and learning more before you pay for content. Is the content unique? Relevant to your site/blog? Non spammy? Ask these questions for buying.

Write about why you hate to write

Sounds silly but it might actually make a laugh-out-loud post. Why do you dislike writing? Why do you think you stink at it? Who is to blame? Your brain? Your neighbor from the first grade? Your parents? Your dog from kindergarten? Tap into your dislike of writing and let the energy out, onto your blog.


Pinterest is showing all of us just how much people like images (some folks are downright obsessed, in fact). Consider posting some photos (with explanations) on your blog. Did you take some lovely nature pictures lately? Did your kids do something funny? Did one of your pets get into an awkward situation? You’ll likely be surprised by the number of re-tweets you get when you post good/funny photos on your blog.

Dig back

When I find myself mentally blocked I sometimes sit down and dig back in my mind… what happened over the last week or month or year that is worth writing about? Maybe there’s something I can help someone with? Perhaps I can make others laugh by writing about a mistake I made? What events can you recall that might give you an outlet for a good post?

What do you wish you knew?

I always enjoy reading posts that talk about “Things I wish I knew _________.” Such as, “Things I wish I knew before I had kids.” Or “Things I wish I knew before starting a blog.” Or “Things I wish I knew before shaving my head for that dare.” Whatever. I bet you can think of at least one situation where you wish you knew a few things… beforehand!

Ask others

Now and again I post a question on Facebook, “Hey. If you could ask any question about running a small business, what would it be?” I’ll usually get a few replies and that gives me ideas for new posts!

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