20 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

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I love stockings. When I was growing up, my mother would fill our stockings with such fun things. My sisters and I always looked forward to the chapsticks, lotions, bath products, lollies, small gifts, socks, mandarin oranges, and more.

Now, with my own kids and extended family members (or neighbors), I enjoy filling the stockings as much as I enjoy opening my own.

Here are a few stocking stuffer ideas to help get your stocking stuffer groove on!

1. Nuts – Macadamia nuts, almonds, cashews and pistachios are great choices.

2. Chocolates – Duh, right? I love giving a nice chocolate bar in the stockings; usually from See’s Candies.

3. Gift Cards – Gas, Groceries, fast food, Starbucks, etc – always a nice option.

4. AVON – I loved getting AVON products in my stocking as a kid. There are so many fun, affordable choices. Be sure to buy from a representative in your area, so they earn a little income from the sale. Just type in your area code, when buying, to locate someone near you.

5. Licorice – This is for me. I WANT licorice in my stocking – preferably black, Dutch licorice. For the true licorice lovers in your life, Dutch is the way to go. {I’m half Dutch, half Aussie, so I know my licorice!}

6. Games – Games like Bakari make great stocking stuffers. Easy to play and easy to travel with, for the business person in your life.

7. Coffee / Tea – Safeway sells some nice options, in small packages, perfect for stockings.

8. Flashlight – Always a nice choice. Everyone needs a flashlight.

9. Socks – You can easily find funky, silly socks this time of year. I like giving silly socks to people I know will wear them in public (like our previous nanny).

10. Cash or Change – My teen loves finding cash and change in his stocking. Sometimes I put a bunch of pennies in there, just to make him laugh.

11. Books – Little crossword or sudoku puzzles are always nice gifts for the book lovers.

12. Mints – My father and husband love a nice pack of mints. Your local Walmart will sell cheaper ones. The candy store at the mall will sell higher-end mint products.

13. Cars – Hot Wheels are my favorite. The small ones are only a buck and they last for years.

14. Hair Bows – We have a local shop in town that sells hand-made bows and hair clips. They are durable and adorable!

15. Craft Kits – Look online or at your local craft store for pre-made kits. These make wonderful, colorful gifts.

16. Annoying candy – My kids love the annoying candy during the holidays. Beep! Buz! Bling! Spin! You’ll find plenty of these options at your nearby Walgreens or CVS.

17. Dog Toys – If all else fails, and I can’t think of something to buy, I revert to buying gifts for their dog.

18. AAA Membership – Do you really love someone a lot? Buy a AAA membership. My mom has done this for me and I really appreciated it! Slip a note into the stocking, to show what you purchased.

19. Ear Buds – Most people use ear buds now, so this makes a nice gift.

20. Tools – It’s easy to find small tools at Sears, that will fit inside a stocking. I enjoy getting tools, too!


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