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sales rep graphicAre you a small business owner, seeking quality sales reps to assist you? Many small business owners have jumped into the ocean of sales reps only to come up gasping for air.

Are there really quality sales reps around? How can you locate one for your own business? How can you share and refer great reps with other business owners?

Read below to learn about a brand new FREE site, established in order to assist those of you seeking reps.

What is SalesReppy and why did you start this up?

Vanessa Ting shares: SalesReppy ( is a review website to help product companies find reliable sales representatives recommendations.  After getting emails asking for referrals and hearing client’s horror stories, I woke up one Sunday morning inspired to do something to finally answer this need.  Realizing there was no platform to facilitate the sharing of this information, I quickly whipped up a website and SalesReppy was born.  Originally, I thought SalesReppy would be something for my clients to share sales rep feedback.  But soon realized this was useful to a much broader audience.

SalesReppy is easy.  Users submit one review and that unlocks their unlimited access to our database of sales rep reviews.  We just launched so our first goal is to build our database of reviews.

Jump over, leave a review (positive or negative) and join the community!


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