January 30, 2012

National Soup Month: Minestrone soup, Mom to Madre style

January is National Soup Month. I hope you have enjoyed the recipes thus far!

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Today I’ll share another recipe with you – this one is from Miss Connie over at Mom to Madre:

Busy Family Minestrone Soup

Preparation and cooking time: 50 minutes

Tools: large soup pot, vegetable peeler or paring knife, large spoon, colander


1/2 24-ounce jar of spaghetti sauce
1 14-ounce can chicken broth
1 14-ounce can diced tomatoes
1 14-ounce can kidney beans
1 9-ounce bag of washed spinach
1 teaspoon of salt (taste and adjust for seasoning at end)
1 large yellow onion- diced
4 large peeled carrots- cut in ½ inch pieces
4 peeled stalks of celery-cut in ½ inch pieces
2 large peeled Russet potatoes- cut bite-sized
1 cup (fist full) fresh green beans- ends cut off, cut in inch pieces
2 zucchinis, cut lengthwise, then cut into ½ inch crescents

Cooking Method:

1. Fill pot with 4 cups water and add salt. Put on stove with medium heat.
2. Add broth, tomatoes, and ½ jar of spaghetti sauce.
3. Add chopped onion, carrots, celery, and potatoes.
4. Bring to boil, lower heat to slow boil and cook for 30 minutes.
5. Add cut zucchini and cook for 5 minutes.
Note. If you want to add broken uncooked pasta pieces, add 2 cups of hot water and pasta at step 5.
6. Add green beans and cook for 5 minutes.
7. Rinse kidney beans and add to soup.
8. Add one- half bag of spinach. Stir. Cover pot. Turn off heat.
9. Taste to correct seasoning.

Ladle into bowls and serve with Parmesan cheese and French bread for a delicious meal.


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