Market your business to nannies at Nannypalooza (free)

nanny conferenceSue Downey of Nannypalooza is offering to include your promotional items inside her nanny bags. This year, Nannypalooza will be hosted on October 13 and 14th in Philadelphia.

Sue shares:

Nannies often have a great deal of decision-making power in items for kids and the home. We pick educational materials and toys as well as clothes and gifts. This means we are a great group to market to. We bring items into the home and we expose those items to a high end market and all of our friends!

It struck me that many of the members of your Mommy Perks community might want to access these markets. I am happy to accept any items for giveaways or goodie bags (125 items). I also have a website and would be open to adding links or ads – no charge.

Let me know if you are interested.

Sue Downey,


*No compensation was received in exchange for this post.

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