Holiday Traditions from 12 moms (you may want to use some of these ideas!)

Mommy Perks shares: “One of our new traditions is running the kid’s craft booth at the town Festival of Lights” (among other annual town events). Photo taken: November, 2011

Below you will find the favorite holiday traditions of 15 Mommy Perks Partners.

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We look forward to our drive to see all the lights and decorations (the grinch in me sometimes wonder what these folks electricity bill must be like). We also love going to a Christmas Eve service at church where they have a fun puppet show for the kids.

From Bola – Slimy Bookworm

Christmas Eve is spent at Grandma’s house where there is a wonderful roast beef dinner, with Yorkshire Pudding and often a Yule Log, which is a chocolate cake shaped like a wood log. Everyone gets a “popper” which has a paper hat inside. When the kids were young and Grandpa was still with us, the celebration was punctuated by the little kids, dressed as the three Kings, Mary (with a doll) and Joseph, processing into the room.  Costumes were instantly made in the kitchen by Grandma, draping sheets and towels, and making quick paper bag hats. It is a tradition that I did as well, as a young child. Now all the little kids are grown-ups, but we still love the feast and the time together as a family.

From Connie – Mom to Madre

1) At Thanksgiving each year, our kids are given 50.00 to do “random kindnesses.”  They are to randomly pick out people and give something to them (purchase a drink for another in line, help a family with groceries, buy some special notes to write a thank-you to past teachers or mentors, etc. who have helped them grow, randomly hand out cash and so on. At Christmas, we each share how our money was spent or given to another. I truly believe they RECEIVE more from that experience than they do in GETTING gifts!

2)  Each year our family visits a local “The Festival of Lights”   There are many light displays and it helps “kick-off” our holiday spirit.  We take horse drawn carriage rides and eat as a family afterward.  It is a fun-filled time that our whole family looks forward to. (The kids are 26, 25, 24, 22, 20, and 5)

From Darla – The Preschool Toolbox

One of MY traditions (being Jewish) is that we go to Sara’s (my daughter) Godmother EVERY Christmas (she is not Jewish) and we decorate her Christmas tree and then have Turkey and open the presents! We have done this for 17 years now!

From Wendy – Kiboomu

One of my favorite holiday traditions is on Thanksgiving night we watch Elf for the first time during the holiday season.  And then we watch it constantly for the next month until New Years.  We love that movie.. it’s so funny, it never gets old!

Another favorite tradition is that my husband makes Christmas sugar cookies with the kids.  Love that because I’m not the one doing the cooking and cleaning up the mess!

From Tamara – Pea Wee Baby LLC

One of my favorite traditions is that we leave out baskets for Santa instead of stockings. This is a tradition my mom started when I was little and the kids love their baskets on Christmas morning. It is a little bit different but a lot of fun. Each of my kids has their own special red and gold basket that we leave out next to the milk and cookies 🙂 This is the first thing we open and it is filled with little toys, movies, music, candy and usually a pair of socks.

From Jessica – Mom Vantage

There are three things we do every year aside from putting up all the decorations and the outdoor lights:

  • We volunteer for an afternoon at the Nevada Food Bank.
  • We buy a pewter ornament out of the “plant a tree” collection.
  • We spend one full day cooking a variety of cookies to give out to teachers, bus drivers, neighbors, mail carriers, UPS driver, etc …  packaged in fancy boxes we bought on clearance the previous year.

From Suzanne – The Boy’s Store

Our tradition: I wrap gifts for the kids to unwrap on Christmas Eve day, it is always NEW JAMMIES & either a Christmas Book or Movie. This year it is movies. So all day, we watch our movies & get into our jammies waiting for Santa!

From Susan – Splendipity Inc

My favorite holiday tradition is Christmas dinner. No TV, no tech devices – just family talking, sharing memories and laughing together. Then, we play games or cards afterwards. Three generations together having fun.

From Sandy – ABC Teach

My family celebrates our Christmas on Christmas Eve. We all attend a Christmas Eve church service: my parents, brother, myself, husband & boys.  This year, we will be attending church twice on Christmas Eve – once to watch my younger son play bells and a 2nd time to watch the older son sing in the choir.  After church, we go to my mother’s house to eat Oyster Stew & Chili.

After eating and cleaning up the dishes we open presents, one present at a time, starting with the youngest child through the oldest adult, until all the presents are opened. Then we spend the rest of the night playing games and drinking hot apple cider, listening to Christmas music.

From Leah – Peacock Pottery

We bake special European Christmas cookies that we only make at Christmas time (Mailaenderli, Vanillehornchen, etc), make an Advent Wreath with candles, get out the spiced red wine, hot chocolate and start decorating the house.

From Caroline – Little Journey’s World

Since moving to a small town my husband and I assist with various events. I’m a part of the town charity group and my husband is a part of the small business group. During holiday events we run kid’s booths allowing the kids to make crafts, paint, create holiday ornaments, etc. Our own kids come along to help. We also bake cookies or other products to donate for the events and for bake sale fund-raisers. Helping others is a big part of our family traditions.

We also drive around looking at lights a few times each year which everyone enjoys. I fill little bags with snacks and we head off in the car, snacks, blankets and drinks in hand, and drive around looking at lights – while listening to Christmas music.

Another one of my favorite traditions is the night we pull everything out to decorate the tree and house. I always put food out on the counter or table and everyone can graze as we ‘work’. We listen to Christmas music, snack, drink hot chocolate, etc.

Here’s our spread from this year: (December 3rd, 2011)

{Food: Gingerbread cookies and frosting, carrots and ranch, apples, oranges, blackberries, Gouda cheese, Australian licorice and chocolates.}

From Shara – Mommy Perks


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