Ensure That Your Child Stays Academically Sharp Over Summer Vacation

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Guest post submitted by Holly Cain of The College City

July marks the heart of summertime, which is synonymous with fun in the sun, family vacations, beach time, pool parties, swimming, grilling, picnics and outdoor music.

As the mother of a young third-grader, I want my son to enjoy the summer but it is also very important to me that he stays sharp academically over the summer months. I want him to have some momentum heading into the upcoming school year so he doesn’t have to waste a few weeks adjusting to the academic scene once again.

As an educational major and a former teacher, I have prepared a list of educational summer activities for my son to complete. Some of these activities also serve as excellent bonding opportunities for us. Allow me to share these activity ideas with you. Read on, curious parent…

Math Lessons at the Ball Park

A classic summertime activity is spending the day at the ball park to catch a baseball game. I very much enjoy watching a Pirates game here at PNC Park in Pittsburgh with my son and husband. This is also a perfect occasion to help improve my son’s math skills. You can ask your child to keep track of each batter’s balls and strikes. Go a step further by asking your child what percentage of a pitcher’s pitches have been balls and strikes. You can also ask your child how many innings are left in the game or how many runs a team needs to score to win or catch up to the opposing team. You can really get creative with the math problems you come up with!

Fun Reading Assignment

I plan on visiting the library with my son very soon to select an exciting book for a reading assignment. I’ve compiled a list of ten popular books that are ideal fourth-grade reading material. I want my son to select a book from this list that appeals to him. He will read the book and then respond to a creative prompt I have prepared for him. This will help my son develop and sharpen his reading and writing skills. I also intend to prepare general creative writing prompts for my son to complete. Examples of writing prompts may include the following: If you could spend a day with any person, dead or alive, who would it be and why? If you could possess any superpower, what would it be and why? What’s your dream job?

Build a Tree House

An epic summertime family activity I plan on completing with my son and husband is building a tree house with the oak tree in our backyard. A tree house represents an escape from the mundane and typical. It may even inspire my son to be an engineer! This really is an excellent activity to unleash one’s creativity. There is a good deal of planning involved in building a tree house and I want my son to help develop sketches and select the materials necessary to complete the project. Once the tree house is complete, my son can enjoy adventures in it all summer with his friends. My husband and I can even enjoy the occasional romantic evening in the new tree house.

Start a Lemonade Stand

Starting a lemonade stand could very well inspire your child to be a future entrepreneur. You can provide your child with money to get started with the stand. For my third grader, this is an excellent activity since he must count the appropriate change in transactions and learn how to budget. Higher grade level kids can determine an appropriate pricing strategy to maximize profits.

These are some excellent educational summertime activities you can have your child complete to ensure that he or she stays sharp over the summer months. Your child will have the academic momentum necessary to get off to a great start during the upcoming school year.

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Author Bio:

Holly Cain is a proud wife and mother of a third-grader and web content coordinator for The College City. Holly is excited to have some quality educational bonding time with her son over the summer.


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