Debt Collection Info-Graphic from Frugal Dad

Mommy Perks logoI received an email asking if I’d like to post the following debt collection info-graphic on our site. You can jump over to Frugal Dad to view comments the graphic generated.

I’m sure that many of us have experienced phone calls from debt collectors, harassing us for debt owned by our own family, someone who lived in our home prior to our arrival, a deceased loved one, etc. My husband and I moved into our small town about four years ago. Since that time we have received calls from debt collectors for a man named Jim C. We have told the debt collectors that we are not Jim C. and have no idea who he is. Yet…they continue to call. For four years now.

We were also called, non stop, for many months after my mother-in-law passed away – from debt collectors demanding that we pay her bills.

At any rate, the info-graphic is an interesting one to ponder… Here you go:

american debt collection infographic




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