A Community Mind Garden – who’s in?

Mommy Perks logoA few days ago I was tweeting with some friends/colleagues and chatting about a community garden. I had tried getting one started in my small town to no avail. Someone else is trying again now and I wish them success!

While tweeting Lynne Kenney stated, “We have a community mind garden together.”

She’s right!

Those of us who tweet together, educate each other, learn from one another and share ideas have a “community mind garden.”

Lynne decided to use the hashtag #mindgarden and anyone who wishes to join in can ask questions, share content and so on. You can view Lynne’s post here with more details: The Mind Garden

What can we share with one another in the Mind Garden? Parenting tips? Small business help? Crafts? Recipes? Educational data? Literacy tips? Social support?

So… “What’s growing in your mind garden today?”


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