November 27, 2009

20 Small Business Shopping Tips

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(Tweeted on Friday, November 27th, 2009 by Shara Lawrence-Weiss.)

Tip #1: If you have never shopped online, consider looking into it. I never used to but now…it’s pretty much all I do. I save time, gas and many times – money.

Tip #2: It’s hard to choose who to support. There are COUNTLESS folks selling online now. Try to listen over the noise for quality.

Tip #3: Ask around. Ask moms/dads/friends you trust. Who sells great items? The best social-emotional toys? Things that will last more than 2 days?

Tip #4: My goal is to support small biz & to bless a mom/dad with business. I have found that those who ARE a blessing are blessed in return.

Tip #5: I may not always need the item I buy for ME but there is always someone I gift it to. That makes me feel great – supporting TWO people with one buy.

Tip #6: Sure, I shop Walmart for some things, too. Target, etc. But the items I get from small biz are so cool, well made, lasting, educational, etc.

Tip #7: Each week, I try to buy from a small biz. Sometimes, people I don’t even know. Just to be kind & to give a sale, knowing they are supporting a family.

Tip #8: My heart is to support mom biz like the ones at (Boutique link)

Tip #9: More mom biz’s listed here with Living My Moment :

Tip #10: Of course we have 15 entrepreneurs listed here, also: Mommy Perks 2009 Entrepreneurs Gift Guide

Tip #11: Set a budget each week if you want to support small biz, like me. I had to modify my thinking. From big stores to small…but I did it!

Tip #12: Since making this move, people often ask me: “Where did you get THAT??!” It’s always the same answer: “From a small biz store of course.” 🙂

Tip #13: We both got tired of toys breaking, paint chipping, boredom in minutes. Buying better quality = more value for your money.

Tip #14: It’s not easy to move from spending at big stores to supporting small biz. I like to say: “Buying SMALL makes a BIG difference.” 🙂

Tip #15: I have never regretted this shift in thinking. Our kids have fabulous, high quality books, toys & games now. Things that will pass down.

Tip #16: I decided that if I was going to say I support small biz, I have to put my $ where my mouth is. Otherwise it’s just “noise.”

Tip #17: This year, we are buying from our Gift Guide folks. I have also bought from another Gift Guide, just to support her people. Makes the moms feel Great, too.

Tip #18: I own my own small biz so I totally understand that we all want OUR business to be supported. What goes around comes around? Yes!! 😉

Tip #19: So…today and Monday – I will be buying from OTHER people rather than asking anyone to buy from me. I want to be a blessing.

Tip #20: And that is the “Shara and Mommy Perks” philosophy. In a nut-shell. Those who give…RECEIVE. Now I’m off to shop 😉


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