20 Craft Tips (March is National Craft Month)

Kids love spending time with their parents making crafts!

20 Craft Tips (March is National Craft Month)

Tweeted by Shara Lawrence-Weiss on March 5th, 2010

Tip 1: Our children want our time and attention. Engaging them in crafts is a terrific way of meeting those needs. They won’t forget it!

Tip 2: Simple but true: crafts help to build self esteem. Say: “What a colorful and beautiful so-and-so! I’m so proud of you!” Etc.

Tip 3: Find activity and craft links JUST for boys! *from @theboysstore

Tip 4: A new craft is listed DAILY on this site!  (freeKidsCrafts.com) *from @kidscrafts

Tip 5: Hand crafted Easter basket *from @BingNote

Tip 6: Make a home-made book that your child/grandchild will use, read and enjoy! *from @60secondparent

Tip 7: Orange Peel Artwork (variations might include grapefruit peels, apple peels or banana peels)

Tip 8: Turn your caps into crafts *Perhaps a colorful necklace? Punch holes through the middle!

Tip 9: Affirmation Crafts for Kids

Tip 10: “Crafts make us feel rooted, give us a sense of belonging and connect us with our history.” – Phyllis George

Tip 11: Create a stick puppet stage for your classroom (or home!) *from @Teach_Preschool

Tip 12: Lots of craft links and ideas for Girls

Tip 13: Worried about making messes? Don’t be. Kids need to make messes in order learn, grow & develop. Crafts can be messy and that’s okay!

Tip 14: Cute and simple little kite craft! *from @Teach_Preschool

Tip 15: Free St. Patty’s Day craft for kids *from @BingNote

Tip 16: Sensory crafts are wonderful. Go outside and collect rocks, sticks, flowers, leaves, etc. Let your child create a Nature Picture or Scene!

Tip 17: Don’t toss out the catalogs or magazines that come. Turn them into a craft!

Tip 18: If you can, get dad involved in crafts every now and then, too. The kids will LOVE spending that time with daddy – guaranteed.

Tip 19: Don’t have much $$? Shop thrift stores, yard sales and look around outside for items to use. The Dollar Store also has many affordable items.

Tip 20: Do you have BUCK to spare? You can do so many things with sponges!


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