10 Play-Doh Tips

Nature Play-Doh - from Teach Preschool (Fall colors and outdoor manipulatives).

10 Play-Doh Tips in honor of National Play-Doh Day (September 18th, 2010)

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Tip #1: If you buy Play-Doh, be sure to check the ingredients. Many generic brands are toxic (home-made is organic).

Tip #2: NO COOK Play-Doh recipe

Tip #3: Easy home-made cook recipe: 1 c Flour, 1 c Water, 1/2 c Salt, 2 tb Cream of tartar, 1 tb Oil. Stir over low heat until a ball forms.

Tip #4: Play-Doh can be made with food dye but also with Koolaid (no mess). Use 2 packs for brighter colors. Tip via @PeacockPottery

Tip #5: Amazing Play-Doh recipes

Tip #6: Nature Play-Doh

Tip #7: Why is Play-Doh great? It develops fine motor skills, creativity, color association, manipulation skills and more!

Tip #8: Don’t like the mess Play-Doh makes? Be sure to allow the small pieces to dry. Much easier to sweep up or vacuum.

Tip #9: Easy items to use with Play-Doh: rolling pins, cookie cutters, plastic utensils, string (cutting), toys of various shapes – anything!

Tip #10: Play-Doh has so many benefits & your kids/students will love playing, smooshing, creating & making memories. Have fun!


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