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February 28, 2013

I’m done telling you to write guest posts

I’m done telling you to write guest posts By Shara Lawrence-Weiss Since 2010 I’ve been encouraging my readers and clients to write guest posts, and to accept guest posts, as a marketing, branding and SEO strategy. Related links… A year in guest blogging: Are you writing guest articles yet? (January 4, 2012) Marketing tips (November […]

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Rules for Guest Posting: SEO’s and Publishers (a response)

I recently clicked over to a post, via Twitter, titled Rules for Guest Posting I tried to leave a comment but was not able to; the comment section appeared to be turned off. I’d like to reply to a few of the statements made, from the “publishers” perspective. First, I wholeheartedly agree that many SEO’s […]

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Tips for getting the most out of guest posts (for the author AND the website who posts)

Over the last few weeks I’ve chatted with numerous people about their ‘take’ on guest blogging/writing. Specifically guest writing where both parties know one another in some manner (they have met on twitter, facebook, etc). Some people love it and some do not. Others are still weighing the pros/cons. I sometimes hear this: “Well, I […]

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A year in guest blogging: are you writing guest articles yet? Consider it!

Here at Mommy Perks, through our main blog, I often write about the value of guest blogging or posting. Even when the guest articles are not compensated for financially, the exposure can be great. If your Bio is included with back links, that’s beneficial to your SEO and Branding. 2011 was a year of guest […]

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August 7, 2011

Writing a quality guest article for another site…minus the self love’n

Over the years I’ve written numerous posts about the value of writing guest articles for other sites/blogs. Nothing has changed for me. I’m still a big believer in the power of guest writing. Here’s why: The blog/site gets fresh content (or fresh to THEM, even if your article has been posted elsewhere) New readers will […]

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