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Picking a company to work with from home?

Submitted by Dawn Oliphant Picking a company to work with from home? When looking for a company to sign on with, consider the following questions: Is the company participating in a growth industry? Is the company financially stable? Does the company have a good reputation? Can you earn a decent income? Does the company produce […]

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A year in guest blogging: are you writing guest articles yet? Consider it!

Here at Mommy Perks, through our main blog, I often write about the value of guest blogging or posting. Even when the guest articles are not compensated for financially, the exposure can be great. If your Bio is included with back links, that’s beneficial to your SEO and Branding. 2011 was a year of guest […]

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August 31, 2011

Time Management Tips

One of the biggest challenges every small business owner faces is Time Management. It’s not easy and people often ask me how I manage my time. I’ve found that planning ahead usually renders the best results. If my husband and I discuss our week on Sunday evening or Monday morning, we can jot things down […]

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August 16, 2011

Do you feel as though you have to prove to others that working Online is real WORK?

I recently presented a question on Facebook: How many of you small business owners feel as though people don’t always take your job seriously? “Oh – you work at home. You can take as much time off as you want. You can start late, end early, skip a day – whatever.” Do you get frustrated […]

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August 15, 2011

Small business owners : Define your boundaries

As a small business owner, it’s not always easy to set our boundary lines. We oftentimes feel walked on, taken advantage of, used or undervalued. Sometimes, that’s our own fault. Here are a few tips to consider… Know your value and worth Do you have a background that’s rich and extensive? Look around and compare […]

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July 18, 2011

Do you ever feel taken advantage of, as a female business owner?

When I first began my businesses I assumed that I’d be taken advantage of. By men. I assumed that I’d have to grow a thick skin to deal with the men who would want things for free, for no charge or for very little. I was wrong. Before buying Mommy Perks and becoming full owner […]

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