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Do you feel as though you need a 2nd or 3rd job, to get by now? You’re not alone.

Recently, I interviewed Rudy DeFelice of Bizinate, a website geared toward helping Americans become more entrepreneurial. The mission statement is as follows: Based in Los Angeles, Bizinate‚Äôs mission is to launch a million new startups. Bizinate.com is the easiest place anywhere for new entrepreneurs to start and run a business. I sat down with Rudy […]

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“My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move past this?”

Over the years I’ve met and chatted with hundreds of moms who run a business. There are so many common themes among all of us from our start-up stories to child care dilemmas and much more. Another common theme is this one: “My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move […]

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Can sales be made through social media outlets? {Detailed commentary}

Recently, a Facebook chat led me to consider writing this post. One reader stated that people do not visit social media sites in order to buy – they interact on social media sites in order to be entertained. I’m sure that some studies do render these results and I’ve noticed, over the years, that many […]

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A year in guest blogging: are you writing guest articles yet? Consider it!

Here at Mommy Perks, through our main blog, I often write about the value of guest blogging or posting. Even when the guest articles are not compensated for financially, the exposure can be great. If your Bio is included with back links, that’s beneficial to your SEO and Branding. 2011 was a year of guest […]

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49 business and personal articles: A look back over 2011

I always enjoy going back through old posts, after the New Year. This year is no exception. Below I’ve listed out some of the 2011 posts most near/dear to my heart or those that were heavily re-tweeted by others. (Really, this just makes it easier for me when I go back, trying to find a […]

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