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Twitter Charity Hats: Baby Stay Asleep is next!

By now you should be all caught up with the goings-on of the Twitter Charity Hats Campaign. If not, read the “Trip down memory lane” post. Who has signed up thus far? View the list of those on the waiting list (along with their charities of choice). This week I’m promoting Beth – owner of […]

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Mommy Perks Twitter Hats…a trip down memory lane

How did this all begin? The story starts with a simple Christmas hat – worn for fun in December of 2009. I then wore a New Year’s Eve hat. Ros (Ficklets) and Abbey (Living My Moment) asked me, “What hat comes next?” I replied, “I haven’t thought that far ahead.” Then I began to think…What […]

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Want me to wear your logo hat? It’ll cost ya but…all for charity!

Most of you know by now that I wear silly hats on my twitter avatar. I change them out (via Photoshop) every few days based on the holiday, season, week, etc. Sometimes I toss on an image that isn’t a hat (rooster, hamburger and so on). People ask me, “What’s with the hats?” Here’s the […]

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