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May 9, 2011

Thanks to those who donated to our town yearbook fundraiser!

Three years ago our local elementary school sold yearbooks for about $13. Very few kids bought one. The next year the school made CD’s which just wasn’t the same as a real (smell-the-pages) book. This year the school is selling yearbooks for just $3 each. Still…only a few children signed up to buy one. This […]

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April 21, 2011

Twitter Charity Hats: Little Journey’s World

Remember the Twitter Charity Hat Campaign from last year? I ended up with a waiting list of nearly a year! After taking photo after photo of myself (or my kids) wearing a hat, and then promoting those photos on twitter and facebook…and blogging about each one…I needed a little break. Today – I’m BACK! I […]

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August 28, 2010

Twitter Charity Hat #10: Peacock Pottery

If you are not yet familiar with the Twitter Charity Hats campaign, jump over to the Mommy Perks Media Buzz page. The twitter hats are now booked through January, 2011. Click here to see who’s on the waiting list thus far! The following businesses have donated to a charity, as a part of the Twitter […]

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August 21, 2010

Twitter Charity Hat #9: Mail 4 Kids and so much more!

The Twitter Charity Hats campaign is going well. It’s been featured on various sites, on numerous facebook walls and all across twitterville 🙂 Check the Mommy Perks Media Buzz page to view some of the posts! Here are the hat posts, thus far, along with their charities of choice: Signing Families (launch hat) Kidlutions Stella […]

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Empowerment via Twitter (guest post)

The following guest post was provided by Louise – owner of Signing Families. Empowerment via Twitter I still consider myself a novice when it comes to TWITTER.  I never could find a good reason why people post what they ate for breakfast, their favorite restaurants in cities I have no chance of visiting anytime soon, […]

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Twitter Charity Hat #6 – The Boy’s Store (who did they donate to?)

Suzanne, owner of The Boy’s Store, first popped into my life back in 2007. She was already advertising on the former Mommy Perks website, under previous ownership. When I become a Mommy Perks Rep, Suzanne and I chatted a few times via email. When I become co-owner of the company, we chatted a bit more. […]

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