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Advanced Twitter Tips

A few days ago, I was encouraged to write a post highlighting Advanced Twitter Tips. There are plenty of posts online about Twitter Tips for Newbies but according to Christy of TeachMy, very few articles exist that delve into the deeper waters of Twitter – for those who wish to successfully use the social media […]

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10 Twitter Etiquette Tips

Far be it for me to assume that I’m the expert on this topic. However, my dear friend Ava requested that I write such a post. For her sake, here goes. Reply to @ tweets When someone tweets you directly, reply, when possible. If they are not spamming you, it’s always a good idea to […]

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12 common twitter complaints I’ve heard

Having been on twitter for a few years now I’ve heard a large number of twitter complaints from users. It might interest you to know about some of them so I’ll share below. Here are the top 12: They don’t follow anyone back Generally speaking, those who join twitter to be heard (and not to […]

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Should I dump my Twitter followers and start over again?

It brings a cheeky smile to my face when I see folks on Twitter with a Bio that reads… Social Media Specialist/Guru/Expert. Hire us today! …Only to see that they have spent the morning dumping all of their Twitter followers in order to start over again. Now, really. Would I want to hire someone to […]

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49 business and personal articles: A look back over 2011

I always enjoy going back through old posts, after the New Year. This year is no exception. Below I’ve listed out some of the 2011 posts most near/dear to my heart or those that were heavily re-tweeted by others. (Really, this just makes it easier for me when I go back, trying to find a […]

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