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Twitter Hats are back, baby! First up: Diaper-bag-cowboy-hat

Some time ago I featured various silly hats on Twitter and soon after, people began asking me to wear their hats. I agreed to do so after Louise Sattler suggested I wear hats for charity. Background info: Twitter Charity Hats press release Sign up for Charity Hats! Who participated? She Posts site (featuring the hats) […]

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April 21, 2011

Twitter Charity Hats: Little Journey’s World

Remember the Twitter Charity Hat Campaign from last year? I ended up with a waiting list of nearly a year! After taking photo after photo of myself (or my kids) wearing a hat, and then promoting those photos on twitter and facebook…and blogging about each one…I needed a little break. Today – I’m BACK! I […]

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November 22, 2010

The hair under the charity hats will soon be gone…

I’m not sure how I feel about this yet but for a few reasons – I’ve decided to donate my hair. Again. When my eldest son was about two-years-old I had very long hair. It got in my way, daily. I decided to cut and donate. Here I am, almost ten years later, with very […]

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Twitter Charity Hat #19: Organizing Without Limits

What’s the Mommy Perks Twitter Charity Hat campaign all about? Bottom Line: A small business ships me a hat with their logo on it (or we Photoshop one on). I then wear the hat on twitter for one week in exchange for their donation to a family-friendly charity. The small business gets free PR for […]

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Twitter Charity Hat #6 – The Boy’s Store (who did they donate to?)

Suzanne, owner of The Boy’s Store, first popped into my life back in 2007. She was already advertising on the former Mommy Perks website, under previous ownership. When I become a Mommy Perks Rep, Suzanne and I chatted a few times via email. When I become co-owner of the company, we chatted a bit more. […]

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Twitter Charity Hats: Baby Stay Asleep is next!

By now you should be all caught up with the goings-on of the Twitter Charity Hats Campaign. If not, read the “Trip down memory lane” post. Who has signed up thus far? View the list of those on the waiting list (along with their charities of choice). This week I’m promoting Beth – owner of […]

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