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What ELSE did I order from the Gift Guide? (Post #3)

This post will detail my purchases from the Mommy Perks Gift Guide, 2010. What were my first purchases? What did I buy next? The commitment to buy from everyone has not been easy for me. When I promised, last year, to buy from everyone in my Gift Guide, I had 15 people to support. This […]

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Gift Guide, 2010: What have I ordered so far?

Last year I blogged about what I purchased from the 2009 Gift Guide but I waited until after Christmas to post. This year, I’m jumping in earlier so…I can post sooner, also. We have 20 small businesses listed in our Gift Guide this year; last year we had 15. I’m going to attempt to buy […]

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October 16, 2010

What’s up with all the Holiday Gift Guides? Can I run one, too?

As various blog owners begin to tweet about and promote their Holiday Guides (aka Gift Guides) some of you are wondering: “What’s this all about?” If you own/run a blog you might even wonder if you could run a guide yourself. First – What are Holiday Gift Guides all about? The spending habits of many […]

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October 8, 2010

Handmade Toy Alliance Pledges to Buy Handmade

Here at Mommy Perks, we support small businesses – both locally and Online. Last year my husband and I made a commitment to purchase most of our gifts from Mommy Perks Partners and from local business owners. With the exception of a few small items from Walmart (in our tiny town, however, Walmart is the […]

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Gearing up for holiday sales? Here’s some tips.

Already with a holiday post? I know – crazy! 🙂 My client base has grown over the months and most of my clients sell a product of some kind. With that in mind, I thought it might be helpful to post a few holiday tips for their benefit. Plan ahead Watch the magazines and ads […]

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Mommy Perks client homework: Build your email list, fan page list and twitter following

Are you a Mommy Perks Partner? If you are listed in the PERKS Directory then yes, you are a Partner. Here’s your homework for this coming week: Go through the PERKS Directory listings. Find other people who have their fan page and twitter page listed (click the business name in each category in order to […]

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