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July 13, 2012

Upcoming product, book and music reviews (revised list) Septebmer 4, 2012

My old waiting list has just about seen it’s completion. It’s time for an updated list! Here are our current upcoming reviews. I’ll be doing no more than two reviews per month (so that the business owner receives adequate time and attention). Butt Bench (product review) Where in the world is away? (book review on […]

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Blog Reviews, Giveaways & Your Ideal Customer

Guest post submitted by Tamara Earnest There are a lot of different, specific and individual reasons for a small business to participate in a blog review & giveaway.  It can be a relatively cheap form of advertising, there’s an opportunity to connect with people and it can be fun. But is it worth it?  Does […]

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Why do so many small business owners dislike giveaways and reviews now?

Over the last few days, emotions ran high for many of us: business owners and bloggers alike. Words were flying and heads were spinning over the DoFollow / NoFollow debate and in the end, Google stepped in to answer and cleared things up once and for all (thanks, Google). End game: Small business product reviews […]

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Small business owners – be sure to ask, “Am I getting a NoFollow or DoFollow link from your review?”

Update on July 2, 2012: Why do so many small business owners dislike reviews and giveaways now? ***Update: EATING CAKE {June 28, 2012 at 9:30pm} Please read this post prior to reading the below information. Thanks! ————————————————————————– ***UPDATE {Thursday, June 28, 2012 at 2:40pm AZ time}: In light of the many comments below, we have […]

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Coming reviews and giveaways on Mommy Perks (updated list)

Over the months, my review/giveaway waiting list grew to be a bit overwhelming. Mommy Perks is a not a mom blog, per se, but we do run a few reviews and giveaways for our own PR clients and for small business owners/PR firms that request our assistance. Generally speaking we run reviews for non clients […]

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