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August 21, 2013

5 Ways to Market Your Home-Based Business

5 Ways to Market Your Home-Based Business Guest post submitted by Nancy Evans Along with a recovering economy also comes new opportunity. With a changing business world that favors the development of independent businesses, people everywhere now have the opportunity to open their own businesses – and they’re seizing it! Many emerging endeavors are home-based […]

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Who gifted Hilary Duff?

{Why do Mommy Perks and Womentorz offer this service? Read below to find out.} Recently, a few women-owned businesses shipped products off to Hilary Duff and her hubby Mike, to congratulate them on baby #1. Mommy Perks and Womentorz are dedicated to supporting small businesses and it’s our pleasure to help these ladies promote. Feel […]

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Non-mom businesses marketing to moms (a few tips)

Lately, I’ve noticed quite a few non-mom businesses marketing to mothers on twitter, facebook and more. I’m sure this has been happening for years but I’ve only recently picked up on it. Both twitter and facebook have really taken Mommy Perks (and our other sites, also) to new levels. I spend a lot of time […]

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