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“My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move past this?”

Over the years I’ve met and chatted with hundreds of moms who run a business. There are so many common themes among all of us from our start-up stories to child care dilemmas and much more. Another common theme is this one: “My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move […]

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“Dear giveaway winner who wants free shipping, too”

Not long ago I wrote a post about giveaways. The post got quite a good response and I received Facebook notes and emails from numerous business owners: “Thank you, thank you! This is how I feel, too!” Many of my clients rode the giveaway wave for a few months (or years) and have since become […]

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TIPS for small business owners: Are you focusing on modern day promotion?

Years ago, small businesses relied almost solely on word of mouth, local fliers, doorstep ads, business cards and so on. If they could afford it, they’d pay for magazine or newspaper ads. If they had a large advertising budget the business would promote on TV or radio. Things have changed. Any small business can promote […]

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June 14, 2010

Constructive feedback about your business: Be open to it!

Are you open to constructive feedback about your small business? Do you welcome input from others and make changes, as needed? Here’s how the story went: I attended an event this past weekend here in my home town. Rebecca (Freckles Crafts) saw my post about the event feedback. Rebecca emailed me, asking what others had […]

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