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SEO Quick Tips

PLEASE NOTE: This article was first published on my Yahoo page. However, the wording did not carry over correctly and specific coding was stripped out. The < p >, < title > and < h1 > marks were removed from the text, making the article difficult to follow/understand. So far, 48 people have clicked the […]

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TIPS for small business owners: Are you focusing on modern day promotion?

Years ago, small businesses relied almost solely on word of mouth, local fliers, doorstep ads, business cards and so on. If they could afford it, they’d pay for magazine or newspaper ads. If they had a large advertising budget the business would promote on TV or radio. Things have changed. Any small business can promote […]

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Social Media Q and A : tips and suggestions

Every few days I receive emails from people asking me questions about business, social media, facebook, twitter, networking and more. I used to answer each email personally, in detail. I’m finding that I no longer have time for this. In order to streamline some of my responses, I have asked that folks put their emails […]

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February 1, 2011

Are you hiring a legitimate company for branding, social media, web development, marketing or SEO? How do you know?

Warning: Opinionated post. Disclaimer #1: I have strong opinions but that doesn’t mean I believe I’m the bomb. I have flaws, just like everyone else. This post in no way implies that I’m sucky-things-free. I do things that suck, just like everyone else. That said, I still feel opinionated about the topics below and felt […]

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