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SnoozeShade Review

I recently received two SnoozeShades for review: Infant car seat cover Pram and Buggy cover I can still remember taking my kids out in the car and in no time flat they would fall asleep. Once we arrived at our destination, they’d wake up. Or…they would fall asleep in their strollers while out and about […]

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Coming reviews and giveaways on Mommy Perks (updated list)

Over the months, my review/giveaway waiting list grew to be a bit overwhelming. Mommy Perks is a not a mom blog, per se, but we do run a few reviews and giveaways for our own PR clients and for small business owners/PR firms that request our assistance. Generally speaking we run reviews for non clients […]

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How to turn a crap situation around…in one fun-filled Q & A format.

Here’s how the story begins… {it gets really, really good so keep reading!} A while back, I had a PR firm pitch my book business to a home school print magazine. The editor agreed to review a book. She sent me to a mom, of four children, and I was told to create the book […]

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Grandkid Rock: CD review and giveaway

Comment below to enter for Grandkid Rock. One winner will be selected from random.org after July 4th, 2011. This giveaway is now CLOSED. Comment #5 (Nancy) was selected from random.org. Enjoy the CD, Nancy! My Review We recently received a copy of Grandkid Rock to review. As many of you know by now, I’ve slimmed […]

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April 13, 2011

Neuro drinks review: Do you Neuro yet? (Celebs do…and so does Mommy Perks!)

Not long ago I received an email asking if I’d like to feature Neuro drinks here on our Mommy Perks blog. I would never feel comfortable posting about a drink or food product without actually trying it. What if I told you to go and buy it and the drink was disgusting? Then you’d feel […]

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Is Mommy Perks a mom blog…or PR? (Let’s clear this up)

I’ve found myself becoming very frustrated over the months, based on the emails and inquiries I receive. Yesterday, I wrote a post that touched on some of those issues. Someone tweeted me: “It’s hard to know which blogs are editorial/journalistic and which are only writing about paid sponsors.” Fair enough – good point! Let’s clear […]

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