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Working with small businesses: from a blogger’s point of view

Guest post submitted by Jessica Marr of Mom Vantage When I started blogging almost two years ago, I was completely overwhelmed by the blog/business relationship. I didn’t know what to expect from them, or what they would expect from me. Thankfully, the first few businesses that I worked with were wonderful, and I still have […]

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Why do so many small business owners dislike giveaways and reviews now?

Over the last few days, emotions ran high for many of us: business owners and bloggers alike. Words were flying and heads were spinning over the DoFollow / NoFollow debate and in the end, Google stepped in to answer and cleared things up once and for all (thanks, Google). End game: Small business product reviews […]

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Cubbie Cup: A new way to snack and drink!

We recently received a Cubbie Cup for review. The clever design combines snacking with drinking – perfect for toddlers on the go (and what toddler ISN’T on the go, eh?). I asked our nanny to use the cup with my kids during a play-date last week to see how things went. Did the cup spill? […]

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Rant from a small business owner to the bloggers who contact her, asking for products

A few days ago I had a small business owner send me a note. She needed to vent. I often get notes like this from small business owners as they know I’ll listen and hear them out and acknowledge their frustrations. Many bloggers write to my clients, asking them for free products to review or […]

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December 13, 2011

Blok Squad Construction Site (Mega Bloks) review

We recently received the Blok Squad Construction Site kit for review. My parents were rather anti-Barbie when I was growing up but there were a few brands of toys that they always allowed us to have: LEGOS, for instance. They relished educational products that would stimulate our minds and creative juices (I’m thankful to them […]

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December 5, 2011

Moon Dough review (magical molding dough)

Have your kids tried Moon Dough yet? When the box arrived my children were VERY excited to tear into it. My 5 year old picked up the Moon Dough and said, “Mom. This is soooooooo funny feeling!” It’s an interesting consistency, for sure: sort of a mix between Play-doh and clay. It’s soft but it’s […]

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