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January 25, 2013

“But building relationships takes too much time!”

When discussing relationship marketing with clients, we often hear, “But building relationships takes too much time!” These folks typically want (or financially need) to get things going quickly. While I certainly do understand that mentality, for most micro/small business owners, there are few alternatives. If the client can place ads on television during popular shows, […]

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Old School Ways To Build Relationships With Customers: A Return To Relationship Marketing

I’ve been slow to learn about Ted Rubin, unlike many of my colleagues. I’m not sure why. I’ll be honest: when I first saw him tweeting I thought, “Oh, okay. Another get-on-the-wagon-with-the-latest-social-media-trends-guy. There are so many self-proclaimed social media geniuses out there – I’ve pretty much trained myself to block out their noise. I was […]

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