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How long does it take to get my social media groove on?

Lately, one of the #1 questions clients (and non clients) ask me is: How long is it going to take before my social media outlets are busy? No one is really talking to me on twitter, nobody answers my questions on facebook (fan page) and I’m ready to give up. Do you think I should […]

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SEO Quick Tips

PLEASE NOTE: This article was first published on my Yahoo page. However, the wording did not carry over correctly and specific coding was stripped out. The < p >, < title > and < h1 > marks were removed from the text, making the article difficult to follow/understand. So far, 48 people have clicked the […]

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A positive spin on social media PR

With so many negative articles circulating about “how totally rotten PR people are,” have you ever wondered about the qualities of a great PR person, team or firm? After having worked with PR firms myself, and now offering PR for my own clients, I can offer you a few insights. Not all PR people are […]

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February 18, 2011

Does the title of your post really make a difference? Find out!

Today, I’m sharing a quick tip with you about blog and article titles. They matter! Many times, I see people tweet or facebook links with articles that I’m certain will gain very few clicks. They are not catchy enough or key word focused enough, etc. Example: Today I put up a post that spotlights my […]

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February 12, 2011

Affordable web design and development: Design Media Pros

Are you seeking an ethical and affordable company to build your website and provide website design and development? Design Media Pros is an affordable web design company offering an array of services from simple to complex. Owner of Design Media Pros, Rick Weiss, has a background in design, development, content management systems, hosting, building forms […]

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SEO Tips: using key words

These tips are brought to us by Rick Weiss – Pine Media SEO TIP: If deciding what key words to focus on when doing SEO for your site, don’t guess at it. Do some research. What words are bringing people to you already? How can you use those words to your benefit? There are several […]

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