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Ten Reasons Why You Should Read [Whatever it is I Write] – this was a dare post, yes.

My buddy Karen has a blog titled, “It’s all good if you can laugh.” We have that philosophy in common – that laughter is the much needed remedy for a broken world and a crappy day. When Karen requested (via a twitter DM) that I join her on a blog challenge mission, I agreed. She […]

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20 Parenting Tips

20 Parenting Tips (Tweeted by Shara Lawrence-Weiss on July 23, 2010) Tip #1: Remember: Every child is different and has distinct character traits, likes/dislikes, talents & gifts. Embrace the differences. Tip #2: More than gifts or material items, our kids want time, attention, snuggles, love and acceptance. They won’t remember the “things.” Tip #3: Be […]

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Summer Reading Challenge: From Simple Organized Sanity, Personal Child Stories, Mommy Perks and Kids Perks

This summer, you are invited to participate in a Summer Reading Challenge, sponsored by: Simple Organized Sanity Personal Child Stories Mommy Perks Kids Perks A recent study found that homes with fewer than 43 books showed a significant increase in learning delays – for the children in those homes. Their test scores and reading comprehension […]

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How to stop bullying: Part 2 (story about my son)

A few days ago I posted a commentary piece titled, “How do I think bullying can be stopped?” The post received hundreds of views and reads but only one comment (Leah). I got to wondering – how do other people think bullying can be stopped? After asking around, it became clear – most people don’t […]

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How do I think bullying can be stopped? (Personal Commentary)

As most of you know I’m an active advocate of education; namely early childhood, as my background is rooted in early learning, brain development, psychology courses, etc. As you might guess, those subjects relate closely to the topic of bullying. We know from research that early childhood lays the foundation for all future learning and […]

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March 26, 2010

Tips: Business, twitter, potty training, crafts, self esteem, resources, parenting and more!

Tips: Refresher Course of previous Tips I realized this week that I have been tweeting tips since June of 2009! Have you forgotten some of the prior tips? Would you like a little refresher course? Here you go! 1. Ten tips for business and life (from June, 2009) 2. Twitter Tips: 15 tips for how […]

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