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March 21, 2013

Your Child’s Behavior is a Foreign Language: Become a Behavior Detective and Translate It! (Topic: Bossy)

By Ava Parnass, Child Therapist This week’s topic: Bossy [Read the previous post: Become a Behavior Detective] Below is a mock discussion with a child, assuming they could find the right words and responses when feeling bossed around and hovered over during play time, etc. Discussion: 1. Child: “It’s disappointing when I can’t do things […]

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A chat with Ava & Shara: Do you judge other parents? Are you feeling judged by others?

Each Monday, Ava and I blog over on the Kabongo site: Mondays with Ava & Shara. Ava requested that we chat here this week about a topic near/dear to her heart: parental judgement and self judgement. I will share my own thoughts below, after Ava’s statements. Ava shares: A while back, Nathalie Brown from EasyPeasyKids […]

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Getting Better Behavior Without Yelling

Guest post submitted by Sharon Silver of Proactive Parenting Intro: I’m proud to welcome Sharon Silver to Mommy Perks as a guest author. This is Sharon’s very first time writing for another site. Thank you for taking the time, Sharon, and thanks for your helpful tips below! Getting Better Behavior Without Yelling Have you ever […]

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I made it through the blood but I’m not the AWESOME one

It’s been a rather interesting Easter weekend for our family. On Friday night we had some kids over for dinner. They all went outside to play (yes, we had assigned one older child to watch over our kids as the sitter) and one of the kids decided to throw rocks. My daughter’s head was caught […]

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ABC’s with Bingzy Bee: Phonics | FREE app for kids

Between today and Sunday (March 29 – April 1, 2012), Bing Note is offering their phonics app for FREE. View the press release here: PR Web Mommy Perks recently posted a review of this educational app. My daughter loved it! Don’t delay – jump over and grab the app now, while it’s FREE! ABOUT the […]

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