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September 11, 2010

Twitter Charity Hats: #12 | Nourish Interactive (and a pageant story you can use against me)

Check out the Mommy Perks Media Buzz page to learn all about the Twitter Charity Hats campaign. There are numerous articles listed there on various websites. The twitter hats are now booked through January, 2011. Click here to see who’s on the waiting list thus far! The following businesses have donated to a charity, as […]

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Nourish Interactive needs your votes, please! (Apps for Healthy Kids)

NourishInteractive.com is a partner of the USDA. They are currently a contest finalist with FOUR game entries accepted, including their newest game, Healthy Harvest Maze Game. They proudly join fellow game developers, using technology to improve children’s health. Will you vote for them, please? You will need to register with the site and a confirmation […]

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