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What do Moms REALLY want for Mother’s Day?

Submitted by Darla – The Preschool Toolbox I know that most MOMS want to know that we are appreciated.  It doesn’t take a gift or even flowers (although those are nice, too), but the daily kind of encouragement from our families that we (even when tired, busy, stressed, etc.) are doing our very best to […]

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Letter to my daughters: life, love, porn, men and more

Yesterday on twitter I saw someone tweet about “How to know if your man is looking at porn.” He tweeted (with the article link), “Let me save you some time. He is.” This got me to thinking about my past, the guys I chose to date long ago, my husband now, my own father and… […]

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September 13, 2010

Balance Map for Moms: review and giveaway (does your life need a little balance?)

Comment below to enter for a free Balance Map for Moms + a 30 minute consult (explaining how to implement the Balance Map) – from Inspiring Moms (mother of seven – she’s knows her stuff!). $79.95 value. One winner will be drawn after September 27th. *This giveaway is now CLOSED. Comment #14 (Amy D) was […]

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What giveaways or reviews are coming up on Mommy Perks?

Our small business review/giveaway list is getting long again…and I know that some small business owners get anxious wondering, “When is MY review or giveaway going to get posted?” To help alleviate some of that stress, I’ll provide you with a list (up to date)…to ease the worry. I know. I’m just that nice. Here’s […]

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January 20, 2010

Interview: Gracie and her special need…a prosthetic eye

Many of you already know my background, in regard to my son’s prosthetic eye and why I began my PCS business to help other kids work through emotional and/or behavioral struggles. I recently clicked a twitter link to read a Ficklets review…which took me to a website about a little girl who wears glasses because […]

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