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February 26, 2013

8 Reasons Why I Love Women Bloggers

I haven’t taken a blogging ‘challenge’ in a very long time. My fellow writer friend, Jacqueline, encouraged her readers to write a positive post about women bloggers. In order to fully understand the comments below, I encourage you to read Jacqueline’s post first, so you have the background story regarding the original author’s statements. Here […]

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Be careful, buying ads on blogs that *cater* to the giveaway crowd

Small business owners often wonder, “Where should I spend my advertising dollars? On the biggest sites? The ones where the most people come? Oftentimes the highest traffic-generating blogs are giveaway blogs. This becomes an attraction to some folks, knowing just how many people are heading over to those URL’s. “Think of all the people who […]

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“Dear giveaway winner who wants free shipping, too”

Not long ago I wrote a post about giveaways. The post got quite a good response and I received Facebook notes and emails from numerous business owners: “Thank you, thank you! This is how I feel, too!” Many of my clients rode the giveaway wave for a few months (or years) and have since become […]

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Is Mommy Perks a mom blog…or PR? (Let’s clear this up)

I’ve found myself becoming very frustrated over the months, based on the emails and inquiries I receive. Yesterday, I wrote a post that touched on some of those issues. Someone tweeted me: “It’s hard to know which blogs are editorial/journalistic and which are only writing about paid sponsors.” Fair enough – good point! Let’s clear […]

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