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October 26, 2010

Are you a leader? Support? Is one better than the other?

I recently ran across a blog post that got me thinking: Do people feel angry about seeing others rise to the top? Even mom bloggers? Do they feel left behind, left out or overlooked? If yes, why? I think the answer lies in the following statement: Some folks lead while others support. Now – is […]

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Things to keep you busy while I’m in Seattle with Cinnabon

Okay – so the last time I went out of town I left you a nice long list of “to do’s” – to keep you busy while you were missing me 🙂 This trip will be no different. I have no doubt that you will miss me desperately, just as I will miss you. I […]

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January 25, 2010

Cinnabon…Seattle…I’m coming soon!

Some of you already know that I was invited to fly to Seattle to tour the Cinnabon Farm to do some baking, learn about their new product coming to market and report back to you good folks 🙂 Oh – did I mention FREE FOOD? For me. Not you. Sorry.Well – maybe for you, too. […]

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