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Can sales be made through social media outlets? {Detailed commentary}

Recently, a Facebook chat led me to consider writing this post. One reader stated that people do not visit social media sites in order to buy – they interact on social media sites in order to be entertained. I’m sure that some studies do render these results and I’ve noticed, over the years, that many […]

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How to turn a crap situation around…in one fun-filled Q & A format.

Here’s how the story begins… {it gets really, really good so keep reading!} A while back, I had a PR firm pitch my book business to a home school print magazine. The editor agreed to review a book. She sent me to a mom, of four children, and I was told to create the book […]

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July 20, 2011

Are you SELLING something? You bet. We all are.

As most of you know my background is in education and early childhood. I’ve worked in Preschools, with school children ages Pre-K through grade 4 and I was a nanny for over 16 years (birth-13). I’ll admit, back then, it annoyed me to see people “selling” something. I thought, “Why can’t they get a real […]

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Reliable Bloggers: Our first list is ready to go!

Are you a business owner, looking for bloggers to review your products or host your giveaways? Numerous other sites offer lists so having a list is nothing special. I know that. What makes our list different is: It’s free Every single blogger joined on their own accord: NO ONE was added without permission We are […]

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