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June 24, 2013

Should I Pay for Marketing Assistance? (Part One)

Should I Pay for Marketing Assistance? By Shara Lawrence-Weiss *This is the first article in a series of marketing posts. Things have changed a great deal over the last several years, haven’t they? Before SEO, twitter and facebook came along most companies relied on PR firms to do their marketing. They had to, right? They […]

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February 10, 2013

Do all marketers need to become journalists now? (Content Marketing)

Do all marketers need to become journalists now? (Content Marketing) I went to sleep one night, last week, thinking about how the term “content marketing” seems to have taken over my social media streams. I thought to myself, “According to the media trend reports I read, if marketers really want to succeed right now, they […]

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Old School Ways To Build Relationships With Customers: A Return To Relationship Marketing

I’ve been slow to learn about Ted Rubin, unlike many of my colleagues. I’m not sure why. I’ll be honest: when I first saw him tweeting I thought, “Oh, okay. Another get-on-the-wagon-with-the-latest-social-media-trends-guy. There are so many self-proclaimed social media geniuses out there – I’ve pretty much trained myself to block out their noise. I was […]

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Relationship Marketing: Can it make the difference for your business?

I recently clicked over to read a post on the Mashable site titled, “5 Marketing Predictions for 2013.” After reading the article, I would certainly agree with number one regarding mobile ads. In my own business, I’ve seen a drop-off in banner ads for well over a year now. So I also agree that many […]

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5 Ways to Market Your Small Business

Guest post submitted by Katherine Pilnick of Debt.org Running a successful business is impossible without the right customer base. Marketing to the right people can make all the difference in the growth of your small business. While free publicity can be useful in many cases, your options and effectiveness are limited with such outreach methods. […]

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“My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move past this?”

Over the years I’ve met and chatted with hundreds of moms who run a business. There are so many common themes among all of us from our start-up stories to child care dilemmas and much more. Another common theme is this one: “My family and friends do not support my business. How do I move […]

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