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I made it through the blood but I’m not the AWESOME one

It’s been a rather interesting Easter weekend for our family. On Friday night we had some kids over for dinner. They all went outside to play (yes, we had assigned one older child to watch over our kids as the sitter) and one of the kids decided to throw rocks. My daughter’s head was caught […]

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Copy-Kids DVD review (encouraging your kids to eat healthy!)

As most parents know, it’s not always easy getting our kids to eat (and WANT) healthy foods. We find ourselves singing silly songs, making choo-choo noises, bribing and even getting upset: “I told you TEN times – no CANDY for dinner!” After working with kids for 23+ years I know that children will often copy […]

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December 5, 2011

Moon Dough review (magical molding dough)

Have your kids tried Moon Dough yet? When the box arrived my children were VERY excited to tear into it. My 5 year old picked up the Moon Dough and said, “Mom. This is soooooooo funny feeling!” It’s an interesting consistency, for sure: sort of a mix between Play-doh and clay. It’s soft but it’s […]

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May 14, 2010

Blog feature: Waddleeahchaa.com (early childhood blog – free materials)

Mommy Perks is pleased to introduce you to another great early childhood blog: Waddleeahchaa.com. Read below to find out more and get to know Jeannine and Joyce (the sisters in the cornfield)! 1. Tell our readers about your background and why you started your blog: We, Joyce and Jeannine, are sisters who have been in […]

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National Family Month: 15 of my favorite family activities

“National Family Month encourages family relationships and focuses on developing healthy, confident kids.” – KidsPeace.org What defines a family? Once upon a time, the family unit was pretty easy to point out. These days, it’s not quite so easy, is it? A few years ago, family = myself and my son. Soon after, family = […]

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