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A chat with Ava & Shara: Do you judge other parents? Are you feeling judged by others?

Each Monday, Ava and I blog over on the Kabongo site: Mondays with Ava & Shara. Ava requested that we chat here this week about a topic near/dear to her heart: parental judgement and self judgement. I will share my own thoughts below, after Ava’s statements. Ava shares: A while back, Nathalie Brown from EasyPeasyKids […]

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November 28, 2011

Do you have diarrhea of the mouth, too?

Not long ago someone made a statement, right to my face, that went something like this: “I saw your quick note about how your nanny was gone for the week and how you couldn’t get ________ finished because you were having a hard time getting work hours in. I thought HAHA! Bull-S**T! This girl doesn’t […]

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Do you judge other bloggers and their advice?

You’ve probably heard the advice: “Are you upset about something? Before you write that email, letter or blog post, sleep on it. If you wake up the next day and still want to write, do so with a clear mind and not with an emotion-based reaction.” Last week I wrote a post titled, “Are you […]

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