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Measure your marketing success with these metrics {ideas that will NEVER help you sell your business}

Submitted by Bola (Slimy Bookworm) and Shara (Mommy Perks) Bola’s Ideas May I start with a disclaimer? This write up was Shara’s idea. I had turned in a guest post about the need to measure your marketing as a small business owner. Yes there is the tried and true Google analytics for measuring the return […]

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Eight recycling ideas you’ll probably never use. You’re welcome.

Generally speaking, I work hard to recycle and reuse products when I can. Sometimes I think really hard about it and come up with special (as my mom might call them) ideas. These special ideas are rather useless, really, but it goes to show that the Green Media has gotten into my brain. I just […]

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December 22, 2010

Perky Awards – #6: The anti-book banner Chica

We haven’t awarded a Perky in a while. Who won the last award? Find out here: Hoe-Down Who has picked up the torch this time? Drum roll please… always B designs: Angela Award: The anti-book banner Chica Criteria: Hating all things book-banning In typical political fashion, rather than state that Angela is “pro books” we […]

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December 15, 2010

White Elephant Gift Exchange: matching folks up (read here to find you partner)

A while back I invited people to comment, if they wanted to participate in an Online White Elephant Gift Exchange. We had a total of 24 people, including myself and my husband. I printed the emails out and had our sitter draw two names at a time, to match everyone up. Here goes: Jackie Wilson […]

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