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July 1, 2013

6 Reasons Not to Overlook Google+ In Your Marketing Strategy

6 Reasons Not to Overlook Google+ In Your Marketing Strategy Guest post submitted by Allison Rice It’s been two years this June since Google launched Google+, initially perceived as a social media competitor to Facebook. Although it has never managed to steal significant market share away in the world of social sharing between individuals, Google+ […]

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DoFollow -vs- NoFollow links: What should review bloggers do?

Update on July 2, 2012: Why do so many small business owners dislike reviews and giveaways now? UPDATE: After writing this opinion piece I put up another article encouraging business owners to ask bloggers what they are getting when they have a review done. That post sparked many comments (anger from both sides). I was […]

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Just how far would you go to be NUMBER ONE? {Includes business tips}

I don’t often read articles at Mashable (no time) but today I jumped over to read one about Facebook and Google. This got me thinking about Mommy Perks and some of the past articles I’ve written, encouraging business owners to walk the narrow path. You know. The path of hard work, ethical behavior, honesty and […]

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