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Why do so many small business owners dislike giveaways and reviews now?

Over the last few days, emotions ran high for many of us: business owners and bloggers alike. Words were flying and heads were spinning over the DoFollow / NoFollow debate and in the end, Google stepped in to answer and cleared things up once and for all (thanks, Google). End game: Small business product reviews […]

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Rant from a small business owner to the bloggers who contact her, asking for products

A few days ago I had a small business owner send me a note. She needed to vent. I often get notes like this from small business owners as they know I’ll listen and hear them out and acknowledge their frustrations. Many bloggers write to my clients, asking them for free products to review or […]

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Gift Guide Giveaway List 2011 | Enter now! {ends on December 6, 2011} 20 prizes

PLEASE READ THIS FIRST:  Each year Mommy Perks offers a large array of giveaways alongside our Holiday Guide. Last year I vowed to keep my list at 10 prizes for 2011. Low and behold, as always, we had far more businesses offer to jump in…these generous folks wanted to provide a prize and I didn’t […]

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Coming reviews and giveaways on Mommy Perks (updated list)

Over the months, my review/giveaway waiting list grew to be a bit overwhelming. Mommy Perks is a not a mom blog, per se, but we do run a few reviews and giveaways for our own PR clients and for small business owners/PR firms that request our assistance. Generally speaking we run reviews for non clients […]

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Be careful, buying ads on blogs that *cater* to the giveaway crowd

Small business owners often wonder, “Where should I spend my advertising dollars? On the biggest sites? The ones where the most people come? Oftentimes the highest traffic-generating blogs are giveaway blogs. This becomes an attraction to some folks, knowing just how many people are heading over to those URL’s. “Think of all the people who […]

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“Dear giveaway winner who wants free shipping, too”

Not long ago I wrote a post about giveaways. The post got quite a good response and I received Facebook notes and emails from numerous business owners: “Thank you, thank you! This is how I feel, too!” Many of my clients rode the giveaway wave for a few months (or years) and have since become […]

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