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February 29, 2012

Who Gifted Jennifer Garner and family?

Who participated in the Celeb Hoopla gifting to the Jennifer Garner/Ben Affleck family? Read below or click to open the Garner Gifting Product Sheet. As moms and small business entrepreneurs it’s important to Melinda and I that we take into account the charities that are near and dear to the hearts of the celebrities we […]

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January 18, 2012

Code Purple Event: New York City (launches on February 16, 2012)

The following information is being shared with us via West Glen and ING Activewear.* Learn More: Did you know that in Africa, a child dies every 45 seconds from Malaria? As a mother, you know that no child should have to live in fear every single day of their lives.  I’m contacting you today on […]

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Is this the “season of giving”? I hope not.

I’m not really sure where the idea came from that Christmas is the “season of giving.” I assume that started up by merchants and shops, who were hoping to sell more product. It bothers me, though. It bothers me that people would label any time of year as “the time to give.” I join with […]

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May 9, 2011

Thanks to those who donated to our town yearbook fundraiser!

Three years ago our local elementary school sold yearbooks for about $13. Very few kids bought one. The next year the school made CD’s which just wasn’t the same as a real (smell-the-pages) book. This year the school is selling yearbooks for just $3 each. Still…only a few children signed up to buy one. This […]

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April 21, 2011

Twitter Charity Hats: Little Journey’s World

Remember the Twitter Charity Hat Campaign from last year? I ended up with a waiting list of nearly a year! After taking photo after photo of myself (or my kids) wearing a hat, and then promoting those photos on twitter and facebook…and blogging about each one…I needed a little break. Today – I’m BACK! I […]

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Save 2nd Base : T-shirt giveaway (Breast Cancer Awareness)

Comment below to win a free t-shirt (XL) from Save 2nd Base. THREE winners will be chosen from random.org after April 12th. “Pink with a Wink!” This giveaway is now CLOSED. Comments #36, #26 and #19 were selected from random.org. Congrats! Learn more about these shirts: Over the past several years, Save 2nd Base t-shirts […]

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