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Who gifted Hilary Duff?

{Why do Mommy Perks and Womentorz offer this service? Read below to find out.} Recently, a few women-owned businesses shipped products off to Hilary Duff and her hubby Mike, to congratulate them on baby #1. Mommy Perks and Womentorz are dedicated to supporting small businesses and it’s our pleasure to help these ladies promote. Feel […]

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July 15, 2011

Who gifted Giada? Find out!

Celeb Hoopla recently sent a shipment to Giada De Laurentiis (of The Food Network). We had already selected Giada as our gift recipient last month but then found out…she was cooking for the Prince and Princess. Of course we wanted to celebrate by hosting our own Tea Parties, right? Here’s a small peak, showing you […]

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June 20, 2011

Who gifted Jennie Garth and family? Find out!

Celeb Hoopla recently sent a gift basket to the Jennie Garth family. By request of our clients, not long ago, Mommy Perks and Womentorz agreed to offer gifting services. Our goal is to help our small business clients promote while giving them a professional outlet for gifting their favorite celebrities. Do we think that celebrity […]

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June 7, 2011

Who Gifted Alicia Silverstone?

Celeb Hoopla is a joint effort between Womentorz and Mommy Perks. Not long ago, some of our clients requested that we offer a celebrity gifting service so…we created Celeb Hoopla! We recently sent a small shipment to Alicia Silverstone, featuring eco-friendly products. Here’s who participated: {Be sure to check out the other products on their […]

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