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June 20, 2011

Who gifted Jennie Garth and family? Find out!

Celeb Hoopla recently sent a gift basket to the Jennie Garth family. By request of our clients, not long ago, Mommy Perks and Womentorz agreed to offer gifting services. Our goal is to help our small business clients promote while giving them a professional outlet for gifting their favorite celebrities. Do we think that celebrity […]

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June 7, 2011

Who Gifted Alicia Silverstone?

Celeb Hoopla is a joint effort between Womentorz and Mommy Perks. Not long ago, some of our clients requested that we offer a celebrity gifting service so…we created Celeb Hoopla! We recently sent a small shipment to Alicia Silverstone, featuring eco-friendly products. Here’s who participated: {Be sure to check out the other products on their […]

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May 7, 2011

Who gifted Alyssa Milano?

The following businesses chose to ship gifts to Alyssa Milano, congratulating her as a new mother. The businesses gifted through Celeb Hoopla (a partnership between Womentorz and Mommy Perks). This is a service that some of our clients asked us to provide. It’s an affordable way for them to gain some media buzz while gifting […]

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March 17, 2011

Who Gifted Jewel and Ty? Find out!

Who sent gifts to Jewel and Ty, as a congrats on their soon-to-arrive baby? The following business recently participated in a Celeb Hoopla Group Gifting: Western Journeys (Little Journey’s World) BooB TooB Bibagogo Annabellea Jewelry Find Me Book Jewelry by Andrea My Smart Hands Puddles Collection Toyconomy Dr. Heather: Human Body Detectives The Celeb Hoopla […]

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TIPS for small business owners: Are you focusing on modern day promotion?

Years ago, small businesses relied almost solely on word of mouth, local fliers, doorstep ads, business cards and so on. If they could afford it, they’d pay for magazine or newspaper ads. If they had a large advertising budget the business would promote on TV or radio. Things have changed. Any small business can promote […]

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January 29, 2011

Who shipped gifts to Christina Applegate? (Celeb Hoopla)

Below you will find the 9 fabulous products that were shipped to Christina Applegate, congratulating her on a soon-to-arrive baby girl. According to one website, Christina and Martyn have decided not to name the baby until Birth Day. Therefore, we can’t give you a name yet! The following gifts were shipped for either Christina or […]

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