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49 business and personal articles: A look back over 2011

I always enjoy going back through old posts, after the New Year. This year is no exception. Below I’ve listed out some of the 2011 posts most near/dear to my heart or those that were heavily re-tweeted by others. (Really, this just makes it easier for me when I go back, trying to find a […]

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Having troubles at home or work? It might be sleep deprivation.

People sometimes laugh at me, when they ask about my past jobs. “Just how many have you had? Sheesh.” I’ve sold shoes at Nordstrom’s, scooped ice cream for Baskin Robbins, dished up tacos at Taco Bell, cleaned the homes and loos of the wealthy, nannied, worked in Preschools, typed up memos, surveyed the public for […]

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Tips for moms who work at home during summer vacation

Are you a mom who works at home? When your kids are out of school do you find yourself scrambling for time to focus or get things done? Here are a few tips, based on my experiences over the years: Child Swap When I was a single mother, a friend and I would trade days […]

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