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July 13, 2012

Upcoming product, book and music reviews (revised list) Septebmer 4, 2012

My old waiting list has just about seen it’s completion. It’s time for an updated list! Here are our current upcoming reviews. I’ll be doing no more than two reviews per month (so that the business owner receives adequate time and attention). Butt Bench (product review) Where in the world is away? (book review on […]

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Man Shoes book feature (great Father’s Day gift idea)

Back in 2011 I received a book to review titled Man Shoes. I have since turned down every book review offer because I’m a complete slacker when it comes to reading books (sorry Tom!). Between our four kids and at-home business ownership, chores and errands, I’m thankful if I find time to use the restroom […]

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The Barefoot Executive: The Ultimate Guide for Being Your Own Boss and Achieving Financial Freedom (review)

I rarely agree to review books simply because I know…I don’t have time to read them. Now and again, however, something comes along my path that I say ‘yes’ to. It’s usually because the request is from someone I know or have built a relationship with. In the case of The Barefoot Executive, I knew […]

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September 19, 2011

50 ways to improve your relationship with your husband (book review)

My dear friend MariLee Parrish, author and musician, has published yet another book…in her long string of useful and helpful books. This one is titled: 50 ways to improve your relationship with your husband Here are my thoughts on the book: MariLee’s new book, 50 Ways to Improve Your Relationship with Your Husband, is chock […]

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“That’s Like Me” and “Teach Your Kids to Think!” (book reviews by two moms)

Recently, I asked two moms to review books for me. The books had been shipped my way for a Kidlutions Preferred Product Award testing. After looking through them, I knew they qualified! However, I wanted to go one step further and have two different moms review the books. I knew these moms would really appreciate […]

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November 20, 2010

Anne of Green Gables Treasury Book (review)

The following guest review has been submitted by Nicole Elliot: Ramblings by Nicole Renee Anne of Green Gables Treasury Book | Ingleside Impressions Book Review Growing up I was as serious bookworm. My favorite way to spend my free time as a child and teenager was to read and read! Of all the hundreds, maybe […]

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